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We are approached 10 to 20 times a week for Frank to donate his time for many fundraising causes. Frank has a number of charities that he has allegiance to. He is the life President of the Presidents sporting club supporting children with learning and physical disabilities that is based in Essex. He has got his work with the Frank Bruno boxing academy and he supports many amateur boxing organizations. He is a Water Rat etc etc. All these events Frank does not get paid for. It is important to note that Frank still needs to earn a living and therefore cannot work 7 days and 7 nights a week for charities. We in the office have decided with Frank and his involvement with charities particularly when he gives his time for nothing is far better to give good quality time and get quality publicity out of working with fewer charities as opposed to working with every single charity enquiry we get. The reason for this is that with involvement with celebrities like Frank this draws awareness for the charity to gain maximum publicity for selling tickets for events or to get press interest for the charity. If Frank was turning up for every different charity occasion day after day week after week certainly people would not be so interested in seeing Frank Bruno yet again so tickets would be harder to sell and secondly the press would not be bothered about reporting that Frank Bruno has turned up at yet another dinner, opening or boxing event.

We have decided to try and accommodate those charities that are desperate for Frank's involvement to offer a charity rate fee (which is cheaper than his normal appearance fee) where we encourage charities and fundraisers to approach local businesses to sponsor the cost of a celebrity for their event. Frank will only do a few of these a year it just gives a glimmer of hope and light to those people who would like to see Frank involved with their charity or fund raising events.

It would be fair to say that any money that is paid to Frank more than reaps rewards financially with his appeal and even Frank signed memorabilia which he will sign at events is now getting big money at events up and down the country. 

If you would like to book Frank for your fee paying event, please click here for more information.

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