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Early new year is always a time when a retired sportsperson wonders what the new year will bring. Since Frank has retired he has been delighted that people still want to book him and this year looks like it going to be a good one. Frank said he wished he also played football for England then people would want him for events during the World cup which is typically a quieter time for other sports legends. But it’s a BIG THANK YOU for continuing to book or attend events where Frank is appearing.
Frank like many others wondered if all the media hype last year concerning Mental Health issues was falling on deaf ears or just making news for the day we were delighted (continued)
Frank accepts that as he gets older and the memory of his celebrity status will start to fade in the next 20 years. Being someone that wants to keep busy all the time he has decided that he wanted to learn a trade. continued
We are asked daily how is Frank now? He is really well he has to take his medication but he is back in the gym and really enjoying life.
With Frank being “on the road” for a number of years lots of people have heard Frank on more than one occasion one customer commented that they had seen Frank on 3 occasions in the last year. We introduced Frank’s speech 4/5 years ago and have now changed it so if you get the chance to see Frank again he has a new script still with some funny parts but certainly with elements that people will not have heard about before. However he will if requested say “know what I mean arry”
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We are currently compiling Franks story. If you have any photos or if you would like to tell one of Franks stories please let us know.


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