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2nd September 1995 who would have known that day would change my life forever. As a kids like lots of others you wanted to be a pop star, or a footballer as a kid you could hear kids pretending to be Bobby Charlton or George Best dribbling a ball or if attempting a tackle they were ”Bobby Moore”. Boys pretended to hold a mic usually a hairbrush, and “be” David Cassidy or Donny Osmond me I was a bit different I wanted to be a boxer having watched Muhammad Ali & Henry Cooper, Henry knock down Ali then the blood---- poor old Henry used to suffer cuts badly. But Ali had the magic the twinkle in his eye he turned on the charm one minute and was cheeky next. Every fight was a Show Production and I wanted to be him.
It’s been a strange couple of months. Because my name was used on a TV reality show suddenly I am front page news totally out of my control.
Frank does a personal Christmas message for 2014
People still ask what’s Frank doing nowadays? Well the requests for work are diverse which means no 2 days are the same since the summer this has certainly been the case with Frank’s face greeting People arriving in the UK on behalf of Interpol. It was a crime busting initiative with Frank and Jackie Chan as the “faces” launching with a Global Anti Counterfeit Day, Turn Back Crime campaign. There is lots of downloadable images etc see below
As we near to the end of 2014 its been a strange year for News the passing of Robin Williams through depression shocked the world. Robin although Frank never met him was a genius, fast talking great character actor and a funny man. Depression is such a big area of illness and it is a travesty that someone who had so much talent had to leave this earth because of depression. Frank said “Robin would have made a great boxing promoter he had all the chat which appeared to be natural free flowing and he would have beaten anyone in verbal boxing ring”
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