Fighting Back

The Frank Bruno Foundation is a direct result of Frank wanting to give something back to the community. Frank has faced challenges both in and out of the ring and has always done so with determination, dignity, humour and humility. But it is Frank’s bravery and honesty in talking about his battles with mental health issues, which continue to earn him the respect of those whose affection he won as a boxer. It is fitting then that supporting sufferers of mental ill-health is where Frank feels his attention best focussed.

THE FRANK BRUNO FOUNDATION is a charity and is entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1171012.

Mission Statement

The Frank Bruno Foundation is a registered charity which aims to provide support, encouragement and the motivation to succeed for those experiencing or recovering from mental ill-health.

By providing structured opportunities, free at point of delivery, for progressive programmes of non-contact boxing, The Frank Bruno Foundation will directly support participants in building self-esteem, confidence and discipline and applying such skills to their daily lives.

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